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The Art of Effortless Living: Do less, Let Go, and Discover Health, Emotional Well-Being, and Happiness

Many of us are addicted to struggling and trying hard to make things happen, only to find out that we pay a price in the form of stress, tension and illness. In this book, which has been translated into numerous languages, Ingrid Bacci presents clear, simple techniques for developing an effortless and successful lifestyle. For reviews, and to purchase, go to:

MP3 Effortless Practice Series

This series of twelve MP3s, each about 20 minutes long, makes the mind-body training presented in The Art of Effortless Living easily accessible by providing elegant, clear and calming exercises that take you through meditative, body relaxation, inner guidance and visualization techniques to optimize relaxation and focus, and enhance lifestyle.  Can be utilized alone or as accompaniment to The Art of Effortless Living. Cost: $30. To order, contact Ingrid

Effortless Pain Relief: A guide to self-healing from chronic pain                                                                                                                                                        This book takes you step by step through a comprehensive self-empowerment approach for healing from chronic back pain. Described as a ‘must read’ for chronic pain sufferers, it has been translated into numerous languages. For reviews and to purchase, go to Amazon.con



Fear-Less Now

Your life may travel many paths, but it has only one true purpose: to find a way of being in which you feel simultaneously peaceful, powerful, happy and productive. This book shows you how the ultimate challenge to living our purpose lies not in our circumstances but in ourselves. It also offers you a simple yet profound process for attaining what you really want, building the serenity, balance and centeredness you desire, and becoming the master of your own self-liberation. For reviews, and to purchase, go to