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Moving from pain, dis-ease and stress toward optimal effortless living

What is your journey to improved health and optimal well-being? Whether you suffer from chronic pain, mental and emotional stress, or simply a sense of dis-ease, the journey into healing is a process that addresses both body and mind, and that can reliably bring freedom from discomfort along with improved physical, emotional and mental health. As someone who once suffered high levels of stress and major physical pain that she was told was incurable, Ingrid Bacci has spent the last thirty-five years learning about, certifying in, practicing, teaching and
writing books about the life-transforming approaches that helped her heal and through which she has witnessed many others heal. These therapies, which she integrates into her unique practice, include Craniosacral Therapy, the Alexander Technique, Yoga, Meditation and breath awareness training. She is passionate about this work and about the difference it can make, and happy to share it with you.

Professional Services:

Chronic pain reduction
Craniosacral Therapy
Somato-emotional release
Alexander technique and movement therapy
Individually tailored Yoga therapeutics
Stress reduction and meditation training